Community Liaison Committee (CLC)

Structure of the CLC

The CLC was established to act as a forum for exchanging information and sharing comments related to the Golden South Wind Project (the Project). It also allows for continuous communications between local residents, interested parties and the Golden South Wind LP (GSW LP), as the Project progresses through construction and into operations.

The CLC aims to meet two to three times annually during the construction period (approximately 17 months) and during initial operations. The meetings are open to the public for observation and members of the public may submit questions prior to each meeting. The questions will be answered at the meeting and, if time allows, members of the public may ask additional questions near the end of the meetings.

The Project has held five CLC meetings to date: the first in September 2019,  the second in February 2020, the third one in July 2020; the fourth one in November 2020; and the most recent one in November 2020. Due to COVID-19, the third, fourth and fifth CLC meeting were held virtually over Zoom and Teleconference. The next CLC meeting is expected to take place in fall 2021. 

Composition of the CLC

The CLC is structured to include representation from a diverse range of interests. The CLC community members were selected through an open process and impartial process. Recruitment notices were posted in the local newspapers in July 2019 and interested individuals were asked to submit a request to participate.

Currently, the CLC is composed of three community members, at least one representative from GSW LP, and a CLC Facilitator from Dillon Consulting Limited. Technical staff/specialists and members of the GSW LP construction team and Borea Construction will attend meetings as required. Membership on the CLC does not constitute support, endorsement, or opposition of the Project, and participating on the CLC is a voluntary activity. Composition of the CLC is subject to change in the future.

past meeting documents

Mailing Address

Potentia Renewables Inc
200 Wellington Street West, Suite 1102
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3C7

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