Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Golden South Wind Project located?

The Project is located 2 kilometres (km) south and east of the Town of Assiniboia.

Is the Project Operational?

Yes, the Project is Operational and reached Commercial Operations on March 31, 2022.

What are the Project characteristics?

The Project has 50 turbines, each standing 110 metres (m) tall. Forty turbines have a rotor diameter of 155m and 10 turbines have a rotor diameter of 136m.  The Project also includes access roads, an underground collector system, and a substation.

How much power will the Project produce?

The Project has a capacity of 200 megawatt (MW) and will generate enough electricity to power 90,000 Saskatchewan homes.

What is the cost of the energy?

The cost of the electricity produced by the Project is less than 4 cents per kWh.

Who should I reach out to for Community Funding?

Please reach out to your local RM administrators for funding details. The RM’s are responsible for administering the funds provided by the Project annually.

Does the Project contribute to the local economy?

Yes, the Project greatly contributes to the local economy via many avenues. Aside from creating new employment opportunities, directly or indirectly linked to the construction and operations, the Project will pay more than $1 million in local property taxes and landowner leases each year during operations. In addition, GSW LP has pledged an annual contribution of $100,000 between the Rural Municipality (RM) of Lake of the Rivers and the RM of Stonehenge to fund community projects.

Who is responsible for managing the Project?

The Project is now managed by Potentia’s Operations and Business Management teams. The Operations team will be responsible for all technical, general maintenance and day-to-day activities on-site. The operations team is onsite full time and consists of 3 PRI employees and 5 Goldwind site technicians (for the wind turbines).  The Business Management team is responsible for all non-technical issues and activities. Please see our contact page for details.

What are the Fire and Emergency Procedures?

An emergency action plan (EAP) has been developed and is active. Site maps have been shared with local emergency agencies (RCMP, Ambulance, Fire) in the event emergency response is required. For more information, please reach out to our Facilities Manager.

Mailing Address

Potentia Renewables Inc
200 Wellington Street West, Suite 1102
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3C7

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