COVID 19 – We are in the process of updating our protocols in response to the evolving status of the pandemic in Canada.


Our Commitment to Assiniboia and Surrounding Communities

Golden South Wind and Borea Construction are serious about working safely within your Community during the pandemic as we build the Golden South wind farm.  Our protocols have been reviewed and cleared by Saskatchewan Public Health, Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety and South Saskatchewan COVID Response. These protocols include isolation and distancing from the Community; screening and regular temperature testing to enhance public health for you and the workers at the Project.  Measures include:

Travel and Symptoms Questionnaire

Workers will complete a questionnaire to assess risk factors for COVID-19 infection. They will be required to self-isolate for 14 days before travelling to Saskatchewan if they have been out of the country.

Stay Home and Separation Policy

All out-of-Province workers, when first arriving in the area, will be required to avoid all contact with the local community for a period of 14 days, moving directly from their accommodations to the work site. After those 14 days, workers will be strongly advised to continue segregating from the community. Workers will be directed to stay home if they show any symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Virtual Work Camp

A “Virtual Work Camp” policy is in place, where all workers who have gone through the mandatory 14-day segregation described above will be advised to maintain the segregation minimizing all community contact. Borea is working with local businesses to set up deliveries to site. An on-site fueling station will be set up at the work site.

Temperature Check

A nurse is posted on site and will take the temperature of every person entering the site to ensure that no one with a fever is inadvertently allowed on site

Workplace Sanitation

Workplace will follow and exceed best-practice hygiene practices, and vehicles and surfaces are regularly disinfected

Physical Distancing and PPE

Workers are to work two metres apart from each other. If this separation is not possible, workers are required to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Only 2 workers will be allowed in a truck at a given time, provided adequate separation is possible

We will continue to update our plans and do more as new ideas and information becomes available while satisfying our commitments to the landowners, local contractors and businesses we have engaged with over the past ten years to see this Project through to its conclusion. If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please reach out to Golden South at the contact information below:

Have questions regarding COVID-19?

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